These quotes are from participants in our randomized clinical trial of Overcoming Addictions and from users of the live site. That study demonstrated the effectiveness of this app.

I took the course for 3 months. Used it as my own personal IOP program. Learned a lot about the SMART tools and exercises. Helped me to stay focused AND addiction free.Thanks. B.T.

“Overcoming Addictions was very helpful. I like how it built on itself as it went along. I also liked the tone of the language on the site. It felt very understanding and nonjudgmental.” M.D.

"I liked the website, especially the embedded videos and mindfulness exercises. I'm a visual learner and those features were really helpful to me." T.P.

“I loved the course. The online meetings didn’t work for me and Overcoming Addictions was very helpful to me in making the changes I wanted to make.” J.B.