Program description

Overcoming Addictions is a course that can help you achieve and maintain abstinence from addictions. It's based on the 4-Point Program® of SMART Recovery®.

  1. Enhancing and maintaining motivation.
  2. Coping with Urges
  3. Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
  4. Living a Balanced Life

There are many tools in each of these areas you can use to help you achieve your goals. The tools are interactive and require your input to be helpful. To be useful, we will ask you to be honest with yourself and what you enter into the program.

In return for your honesty and self-disclosure we promise that we will not label or diagnose you. We will not tell you what you must do. We will not preach to you. We will treat you with respect.

Your participation is confidential and can also be anonymous. The only identifying information we require is an email address. We don’t share that with anyone. If you want complete anonymity, consider setting up an email account just for this course. Create the account with a username that’s not your real name (e.g.

You may find that some of your exercises are really helpful. If so, you can share them with other users. This is entirely voluntary though. The default is for all of your exercises to remain confidential.

We also have a customized messaging feature in the program. You can set up emails and/or text messages to remind you of your reasons for changing, your plans for changing, etc... Using the text/email feature can really help you stick with the program.

Finally, we have a set of meditation/relaxation exercises in the program that have evidence of effectiveness in helping people recover from addictions all by themselves.

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SMART Recovery® and 4-Point Program® are Trademarks of ADASHN, Inc., d.b.a. SMART Recovery, and are used throughout this program with permission.

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